About Bushfood Sensations

Who are we?

Bushfood Sensations Inc is an alliance of businesses that predominantly grow, manufacture, educate and/or promote Indigenous Australian foods. Areas of interest to members span retail, wholesale, production, catering, tourism and educational market sectors and include Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australian business. Bushfood Sensations is incorporated under the NSW Associations Act.We started on the North Coast of NSW but now have members all over Australia, providing a one stop shop for Bushfoods and its products.

As a group our services are in demand.  We take pride in demonstrating the wonder of cooking with bush food ingredients and are requested at food and wine shows, regional events and promotional showpieces.

Innovative new approaches to promoting the bush food story are happening, with members forming partnerships, developing new products and experimenting with new ingredients. We work under the motto of Grow, Eat, Heal, and Educate and you will find members that can provide products and services in each of these categories. Our membership is growing and we are always keen to add more members across all areas of the bush food supply chain.

What are our important philosophies?

37.rooscuitto-salad-w-bangalow-cheese-quandong-macadamia-nuts-and-asparagusSome call it bush tucker or even bush tukka, others see it as Australian native cuisine. At Bushfood Sensations, we see the common thread as being the use of quality Australian produce with traditional bush flavours. We are growers, nurseries, manufacturers, educators and chefs but mostly we are passionate about the Australian native foods. We have joined together to help promote and build the Bushfoods Industry. Each member business has maintained its special diversity and individual directions

Cultural awareness is a prime consideration as is working with local Indigenous communities and exploring the opportunities for wild resources.  Our governing rules ensure that the board remains 51% Aboriginal/Indigenous at all times, and that the connection of this industry to the Indigenous people of this nation is to be acknowledged.

it is our aim to make the industry sustainable, by working together, sharing knowledge, encouraging and educating consumers and advocating for greater acceptance and research around our Native foods.

Our beginnings

In 2007, with an ever-growing interest and awareness of bush foods and native Australian products, the need for an industry group to pull together and promote the unique and wonderful benefits of bush food was recognised.

This project was an initiative of NSW Department of State and Regional Development (now Department of Industry) focusing on support Aboriginal businesses and was co-funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR, now Prime Ministers and Cabinet) and Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).

The project became known as Bushfood Sensations, and drew together the knowledge and expertise of bushfood growers, chefs, restaurants and business mentors.  Although it is a branded umbrella group, all members maintain their own identity and special touches.

Taking part in food and trade fairs across the state, Bushfood Sensations developed its brand and identity while skilling up business owners in promotion and advertising, financial management and costing and all areas of business support – making Bushfood Sensations strong into the future. The group has now expanded to include all people actively pursuing a business across the supply chain of the bush foods Industry and is an incorporated body. Come join us on our incredible journey discovering the wonders that our country brings.


Australian Native foods are the main focus, utilising these ingredients and plants whilst respecting the land and traditional owners that has given it.

Memberships businesses must:

  • have bushfoods as their major focus
  • be wanting to work collaboratively to build the industry and awareness of the products and raw ingredients
  • respect the connection of this Industry to the Traditional owners of this country
  • Pay a once off joining fee ($50) and an annual membership fee ($50)
  • Attend at least 1 meeting per annum (most are via teleconference)
  • Membership is achieved initially by “listing” on the website. Your listing will be reviewed and further information may be sought prior to acceptance.

What does my Business get from membership?

  • Listing on the Bushfoods Directory
  • Promotion through facebook
  • joint promotional activities (Martin Place Pop Up, Sample Food Festival)
  • sharing of skills and information
  • building of your supply and market chains

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