In an Australian first, the Lilly Pilly has been combined with blueberries to create the brand new Blueberry and Lilly Pilly conserve.  Bonne Maman, a French company, known for it’s quality products and traditional cooking practices have created the conserve to honor their Australian customers.  It is a limited edition product and will only be sold in Australia at selected independent supermarkets.

Jude Mayall, Outback Chef, has been heavily involved with Bonne Maman in the process of developing this conserve, from sourcing the Lilly Pilly, determining the best way to incorporate the native berries to development of the final product.

“While Lilly Pilly fruit has quite a tart flavour on its own, when skillfully cooked and combined with naturally sweeter ingredients, it evolves into a rich conserve, a great way to showcase the vibrant flavour of the Lilly Pilly.

Jude was in Sydney recently for the grand launch of the conserve.  There was a huge media and food blogger presence who asked a lot of questions about Lilly Pilly’s and native food in general.  There is no doubt that Australian native food is entering an exciting time in history.


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