How to make a Blue Lilly Pilly Strudel

Pick a bowl full of ‘blueys’ and take the pips out – make sure you get them all, some are very small. Take some macadamia nuts (unsalted) and crush them – wrap in a tea-towel and roll a rolling pin over them till they are about quarter size. Either slice and boil cooking apples until still firm and drain, or use a can of cooking apples. Make up some puff pastry or just buy some ready-made.

Form a right-angled ‘former’ (two pieces of pine attached on one edge will work) and sit the pastry into this so there is a V in the middle. Put the lilly pillys in the centre followed by the nuts, some cinnamon powder (or try cinnamon myrtle leaves crushed and chopped finely – next time if you don’t have them now) and then the apple. Fold over the pastry and then carefully reverse the whole thing onto a lightly flour-dusted baking tray. Bake as hot as you can with a top heat and keep a close eye on the pastry – when done, take it out and let cool.

Serve cold cut into 2 inch slices. It disappears very quickly – I didn’t get time to take a photo of the finished product before it was eaten!

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