Bushfood Sensations delivered a sumptuous range of Australian Native cuisine to the delight of the crowds at the Sydney Good Food & Wine show, last weekend.  With the super fresh Ballina Coop seafood shipped down for the occasion, the stall was a must see for visiting foodies.

Clayton Donovan, Australia’s only Indigenous hatted chef, was a definite crowd pleaser, taking his audience on a journey through the flavours of bush tucker and bringing it all together for their tasting pleasure.  Some wonderful collaborations developed naturally over the weekend with members of Northern Rivers Food.  Salumi Australia boutique smallgoods volunteered up some Speck di Prosciutto, which Clayton teamed up with some fresh Ballina Coop Prawns and some Wild Lime and chilli macadamia oil to create an absolute taste sensation.

Byron Bay brewers, Stone & Wood, selected from their range to pair each dish with a

suited beer.  Bushfood Sensation member A Taste of the Bush prepared a Wild Lemon Pistachio encrusted Snapper Fillet, which was teamed with their Pacific Ale – a heavenly combo that had the crowds jostling for position.

Many great connections were made with buyers, consumers and other food industry types.  Overseas visitors were amazed at the diversity and range of bush tucker raw products which they were tasting for the first time.  Many insisted they were taking products back to their home countries to introduce their families and friends to there, and taking Australian Native food to the world.

At the end of the day that is what the Bushfood Sensations team value the most – the opportuntiy to promote and educate people in the wonderful, delicious world of bush tucker and Australian Native foods.  Not just a novelty – these are products and ingredients that provide delicious, sustainable and healthy staple alternatives for any kitchen.

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