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Outback Chef

We are a wholesaler and retailer of Australian native food.

  • Bushfood Educators
  • Caterers
  • Growers
  • Manufacturers

We are a wholesaler and retailer of Australian native food. Our supplies of herbs, spices, fruits and berries are sourced direct from the growers. We have created a range of Outback curries and rubs which use native botanical flavours incorporated with traditional curry spices to create a uniquely Australian product. The 3 fruit pastes: Quandong, Davidson Plum and Rainforest Tamarind will enhance any cheese platter. All these products are gluten free.

Outback Bush Curry - rich, aromatic and spicy with wattleseed, mountain pepper and aniseed myrtle

Australian Red Curry - robust bushfood flavours with bush tomato and native pepper

Australian Yellow Curry - great for seafood with lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle and native pepper

Bush Tomato Rub - with native pepper and wattleseed, add to any BBQ beef, chicken or to dukkha

Bush BBQ Lemon Pepper - incorporates lemon myrtle and native pepperberries, perfect for chicken or fish. Recipe inside pack to create a delicious Bush Dukkha.

Outback Chef also offers online sales, books, Australian gifts and a range of native food seeds to grow your own bushfood garden.

Jude Mayall, director of Outback Chef, works with many schools and Indigenous communities on healthy eating programs and native food

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