From the Jaaning Tree restaurant

12 shucked Nambucca River oysters
6 carrots juiced (you will need 200ml of juice)
1½ tablespoons of lecithin
2 tablespoons lemon juice
100ml thickened cream
Finger limes – to decorate

Warm the carrot juice to body temperature – remove from the stove. Add the lecithin and stir. Season to taste. Set aside. Mash two avocados with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Push the mixture through a sieve. Add 100ml of cream which has been gently whipped into very soft peaks. Fold into avocado mixture and season to taste.

Squeeze pulp from finger limes and remove seeds. Lightly pulse the carrot mixture until foam rises – set aside to settle. Place the mousse on the oysters.
Put the finger limes on the mousse and spoon the carrot foam on top.

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