Much to the delight of many workers expecting their usual lunch time fare, a group of Regional Bushfoods producers “popped up” in Martin Place, Sydney on the 19th May 2016. The event supported by Department of Industry and a partnership between bushfood sensations Inc, Blak markets and Markets in May highlighted the diversity and wonderful tastes of our Native foods.

Throughout the 4 hours passers-by were enticed by the smells of great food whilst Freds Bushtucker (Wollongong) Mark Olive Catering and A taste of the Bush cooked and displayed our enticing native flavours. Blak Markets displayed Aboriginal arts and crafts and people were able to participate in and view traditional wood working and weaving demonstrations.

Events such as these allow Regional manufactures the ability to “test” their products on a wider audience and create a greater level of acceptance and awareness.

The Bushfoods Industry is at last gaining momentum in the domestic markets and more and more people are stepping up to taste and understand the healthy alternatives provided by our native fare.

Enquiries from some major players in Sydney were taken and it is hoped that from this we will get to see Bushfoods on the menu at home, in restaurants and in supermarkets a lot more. The Event is a part of the NSW Department of Industry’s Bushfood project that is providing a number of workshops and events throughout 2016.

To find out more about the ‘Bushfoods Sensations’ initiative or to get involved contact Roxanne Smith, Business Development Manager in the Department of Industry’s Office of Regional Development on 02 6627 3202.

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