Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation funded and project that supported the development of a common set of flavour and aroma descriptors and characteristics was for the Australian native food industry.  By developing a consistent set of flavour descriptions for Native Australian ingredients, it will allow growers and preparers, cooks and consumers to easily share an understanding of the characteristics of different flavours and products.

With the explosion of interest in cooking and cheffing, both in Australia and overseas, consumers and food lovers are chasing special flavours and new tastes all over the world.  Native Australian plants have that special edge and mystique and are being recognised as a wonderful addition to recipes.

It was decided to develop an official ‘flavour lexicon’ – a way of describing certain foods.  Research showed that this project was the first to ever develop a lexicon specifically for Australian Indigenous plant foods. The picture above is an example for the testing of the key flavours that bushtucker herbs and spices can bring to modern cuisine.

With that in mind a panel of sensory experts sat down and tested a range of Native Australian plant products and for each one created flavour profiles and a sensory attribute list.  This should be an important step along the bridge into bringing these flavours and ingredients into the mainstream of Australian cuisine and cheffing around the world.

You can see the full ‘Native Australian Flavour Wheel’ that was developed and the whole project report at the web page below.  It’s a great read for any interested in Australian bushfood and the mouthwatering, unique flavours they bring to ‘Australian Cuisine’.

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