The Outback ChefThe Outback Chef is about showcasing Australia’s native cuisine and explaining the best way to use the many herbs, spices, fruits and berries that grow naturally in this country.

For thousands of years Aboriginal people survived living off the land, eating well when food was plentiful & conserving in times of drought,this food is called bush tucker or bush food, it’s Australia’s native food.

The book includes mouth-watering dishes :

  • Coral Trout cooked in Paperbark with LemonMyrtle.
  • Banana and Riberry Bread with Wattleseed Espresso Butter.
  • Bush Tomato and Mountain Pepper Dip.
  • Bushfood Pizza.

The full benefits of native Australian ingredients are just becoming clear and there is great interest in them around the world.Jude Mayall works with many chefs, cooks and organisations as a consultant showing how easy it is to incorporate Australian native food into their cooking

Jude Mayall is originally from the land in country Victoria, she grew up with a love for art, food and cooking.Her mother was an innovative cook and taught her the traditional methods of food preparation, but encouraged experimentation where the good, the bad and the downright un-edible can happen!! But never in this book 🙂

The Outback Chef; ISBN 9781 7425 7545 2; 160 pp

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